DANCERS Pontus Sundset, Virpi Pahkinen
SET DESIGN Lovisa Johansson
LIGHTING DESIGN Erik Wiedersheim-Paul
MUSIC Akemi Ishijima, Rogher Ludvigsen
COSTUME Helene Thorsell
Length: 60 min.

Première 30th March, 2006
Big stage, The House of Dance, Stockholm

”This must be the most aesthetic experience of the year – with Sweden’s saltiest dancers. When Virpi Pahkinen’s distinctive artistry finds the right adversary and counterpart in room, light, music and body it produces sensual magic; and time does an extra loop in the universe.”

”Sundset and Pahkinen constitute two powers. She moves around him and, in a strange sequence between the salt heaps, a magnetic force arises between their mirror-inverted bodies: yang and yin.”
     Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet 1/4 2006

”Sal Mirabile is an insanely stylish and dreamlike performance. It gives a euphoric breath of the divine.”

”This new choreography Sal Mirabile endorses a divine romance between two dancers. Virpi Pahkinen as the Goddess with Pontus Sundset dancing her carnal love. But as early as the moment of birth the story bears the threat of doom. Hanging ominously in the darkness above the lone Virpi Pahkinen like the Sword of Damocles are nine thin, white pyramids pointing downward.”
     Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter 1/4 2006

Photo José Figueroa