DANCERS Fredrik Quiñones, Tyra Wigg, Pontus Sundset, Renata Simon, Virpi Pahkinen, Sakari Romero Tuurala
MUSIC Gunnar Idenstam, Jonas Sjöblom
COSTUMES Helene Thorsell
PRODUCER Emelie Bergbohm
Length: 60 min.

Speed theorist Paul Virilio has painted a negative horizon with his concept of dromology, in which the physical speed of technology affects the whole of society. Our senses are deafened by ever faster, more efficient and all-encompassing flickering. Things that move quickly tend to dominate things that move slowly.

With Volti Subito Virpi Pahkinen seeks to turn the face of choreography towards people’s internal speed. The cascades of digital information drain our organic memories into a flat, arid garden.

Can the movements anchor us as in the depths of our brains?
Are there slow movements that do not become losers?
Is there a positive horizon where the soul is able to rest for a blue second?

A production by Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company in coprodcution with Kulturhuset City Theatre in Stockholm. With support from the Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm, Kulturbryggan and the Church of Sweden.

World Premiere 20th November 2014
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden

Volti Subito is a musical term that means “Turn suddenly”. It is also the title of Virpi Pahkinen’s newest work, with six dancers and music composed by Jonas Sjöblom and Gunnar Idenstam.

VOLTI SUBITO av Virpi Pahkinen from Kulturhuset on Vimeo.

"Pahkinen’s most successful, foremost ensemble work."
Dagens Nyheter

"Beautiful, intense and charged with symbolism."

"It is in the flow and the interaction but above all in the switches between the temperaments and expressions of the different dancers that the energy of Volti Subito originates."

"As always, Pahkinen’s choreographic universe is characterised by mystery, but that presents no obstacles either to the force of suggestion or the plastic proficiency of the dancers."

"It is restful to spend time in the beautifully shifting space of Volti Subito.
Volti Subito, turn quickly, is a work in which the dancers both stretch time and seem to be captured within it. It conjures up associations with early twentieth century modernism, Asian temples and science fiction."
Svenska Dagbladet

"With Volti Subito, Virpi Pakhinen aims to turn our gaze torwards our inner selves, rather than the restlessness of contemporary society where, in her words, ‘organic movements are drained by digital cascades of information’. Her thought-provoking piece evokes precisely that inner landscape, where battles are fought for the preservation of oases of peace."
– Bachtrack

The richest events occur in us long before the soul perceives them. And, when we begin to open our eyes to the visible, we have long since committed ourselves to the invisible.
Gabriele d’Annunzio: Contemplazione della Morte


Photo page top: Marita Liulia
Photo on page: Carl Thorborg