"What resulted was a dramatically intense and increasingly erotic battle of wills.”
     New York Times, USA

“Her body was the work of art, a three dimensional, ever-changing image of sculptured beauty.”
The Ottawa Citizen, Canada 

“The entire world is in the body. Virpi Pahkinen´s works are full of secrets."         Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

”I shudder with delight, fully enjoying her as she dances on to the stage as a warrior, with as brilliantly as exactly chiselled movements. What a unique dancer she is! Divine, one is tempted to say.
     Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

"Virtuose, empreinte de symbolisme, sa danse ne ressemble à aucune autre. Graphique, d´une grande beauté plastique, elle impose des images fortes et belles qui resteront.
     La Marseillaise, France

”Her human form takes on the essence of a fish swimming, a bird flying, a fern unfurling.This light-dappled ritual is a connection, a deep incantation, which taps into the source of creation, the eye of the universe."                 
     The Sunday Independant, South Africa

“Una sueca que hipnotiza."
     Noroeste, Mexico                                                                                                      
 ”This must be the most aesthetic experience of the year – with Sweden’s saltiest dancers. When Virpi Pahkinen’s distinctive artistry finds the right adversary and counterpart in room, light, music and body it produces sensual magic; and time does an extra loop in the universe."
     Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

"In the solo ”Isisar”, Pahkinen unites post-modern and ancient Asian aestheticism in a personal style of great integrity and beauty." 
     Ballet International

"Movement takes possesssion of her body and it becomes an ode to cosmic beauty, a slow, powerful, meditative flow of choreographic expression which grips the audience and carries with her on her strange trip."
     Daily Star, Lebanon 

”At times, it´s as if her body is a ribbon of pliant energy, it flows into held moments of serene composure, yet just a swiftly assumes the predatory edge of a rattled scorpion .”
     The Herald, UK

”West-östliche Schamanin.”
     Basler Zeitung, Switzerland

”In a great moment, Pahkinen and two men created the shape of a lotus blossom opening. Pahkinen, a spirit travelling fitfully between worlds, danced a compelling long solo.”
     Houston Chronicle, USA

“Y al final, la visión suprema de la Serpiente invicta, de la Serpiente gloriosa que abre majestuosa su capuchón guerrero, su capuchónpoder, tras derrotar a las potencias impías y levantarse, soberana y duena de Sí, por encima de los espejos, las apariencias y la mentira. Una noche conmovedora y profunda, en la que hemos tenido el privilegio de copartir el arte de Virpi Pahkinen: su poética de la precisión, su sentido de lo trascendente, su convocatión al juego como actitud reveladora / sagrada."
     La Voz de Michoacán, Mexico