DANCERS Annabelle Hellinckx, Sari Ikonen, Kailey Kaba,
Asta Lindholm, Emmi Pennanen,
Anna Sariola, Andrea Bena, Nicol Edmonds, Saverio Pescucci, Piergiorgio Regazzo, Emrecan Tanis
MUSIC Borut Krzisnik
VISUAL EFFECT Olli-Pekka Koivunen, Virpi Pahkinen
COSTUMES Åsa Gjerstad
LIGHTING DESIGN Olli-Pekka Koivunen
BALLET MASTER Nina Hyvärinen
Length: 35 min.

World Premiere 19th May 2011
Finnish Opera Ballet, Helsinki, Finland

Korona refers to the halo that appears around the sun during a total eclipse. Pahkinen was fascinated by astronomy as a child, and she thought the name Korona was abstract enough to give her free hands as a choreographer. During the working process, the name became significance for the choreography and light design. 
The music is made by the Slovenian composer Borut Krzisnik

Press quotations:

"In Korona the characteristic elements of Pahkinen’s many solo works – minimalist form, eastern influences and the ritualistic repetition of holds – were transferred interestingly to the eleven National Ballet dancers.
Surprisingly, familiar Pahkinen elements worked best in the group scenes. Ornamental hands twisted like scorpions, while extremely bent ankles and stylised acrobatic positions acquired magical depth.
Violet and golden costumes, a black and golden sunshine halo projected on the back wall, the dancers’ silhouettes reflected on the shiny black floor, and music that ranges from the symphonic to the harrowing all combine to create a holistic image. As the spectator experiences this she can refresh her senses or ponder human emotion and the cosmic landscape."
Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

The Finnish National Opera Ballet has the exclusive rights to this work until May 2013. After that it is available to be performed by other dance companies and ensembles.

Photo: Sakari Viika